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Garden Set by Nardi in Contrasting Fashion Colors


Contrasting fashion colours and references to the wooden beams used to shape the harmonious and welcoming curves of the table and seat in the new Alloro and Palma garden set by Nardi. It is an elegant set of bold chromatic choices and a strong personality, which blends in with various outdoor contexts without preceding the fundamental requirements of practicality and sturdiness.



The Alloro table features a slatted DurelTop top which is highly draining, as well as slender aluminum legs coated with epoxy powder paint for extra strength and stability. Available with a fixed table top seating 6, it is also available in the extending version which can seat up to 8 people comfortably. A contemporary look for the Palma chair with armrests made of fiberglass polypropylene, where the seat and backrest are distinguished by wide slats which recall those of the Alloro table. The legs branch off into thin beams from the seat and backrest. The table is easy to disassemble for practical winter storage, and the seats can be stacked. Both are easy to clean, provide outstanding resistance to atmospheric agents and require no end-of-season maintenance.


Zic Zac – the balcony set: Exciting, bright, comfortable and “space saving.”


Zic Zac is a highly practical balcony set, which brings life to the smallest spaces; it brightens the whole atmosphere with its fresh and cheerful vitality, its colors and its design. Ideal for small outdoor domestic spaces, one side of the Zic table can be attached to the wall, and thanks to a simple mechanism, it can be quickly closed and folded down against the wall and can store two Zac chairs. According to requirements, Zic table can be taken off from the wall and used freestanding like a traditional camping table. The Zic table is supplied with the special EXTRA KIT, a practical accessory which provides the utmost stability even for the freestanding use of the table.


By pressing a small button also the Zac, the comfortable seating of the set, can be easily folded freeing up more space or to be stored during the winter period. The balcony set satisfies two different tastes, characterized by alternative chair styling. Zac Classic: a simple, clean design; rational, straightforward styling, with a smooth matt finish. Zac Spring: the style is characterized by a gently domed, “cushion effect” surface. This finish is the ideal for those who prefer a more decorative “upholstered effect” design. The Zic table is available in one style only; a smooth matt finish.


The whole set is available in 7 different shades, from the bright colors of fizzing orange, purple, red and lime green, to the more subtle ones; anthracite, white and gray. Extremely lightweight and easy to handle, the set is made of polypropylene fiber –glass, a material characterized by a strong resistance to atmospheric pollutants; nontoxic and antistatic. Zic Zac doesn’t require any end-of-season maintenance; it’s entirely produced in Italy and is 100% recyclable, and tested according to European Law EN 581-1/2/3.