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Manhattan – Integrated Bathtub and Washbasin System by Makro Design


The personal ritual, the wellness research, the total immersion in architecture and materials of relevant strength. Manhattan is the new integrated bathtub – washbasin system for the bathroom in grey eco-cement, characterized by a clear and rigorous geometric sign with dark nuances and displaying an innovative console in smoked oak with a soft and fluid shape, perfectly integrated into a balanced contrast of colors and materials.


Manhattan is also characterized by a refined graphic combination of lines and geometries, highlighted by the vertical double face mirror, the OX taps in stainless steel 316L, the sequence of claddings and full and empty spaces of the open racks. It’s a fascinating island where technique, function, and search for substance blend in together in a distinctive minimalism with a balanced aesthetic equilibrium.


Manhattan is only one example of the several technical and aesthetical solutions offered by Makro in its collection Makro Systems, a wide program of under mount bathtubs, showers, washbasins, vanities and mirrors available in different sizes and finishes, which can be integrated and combined becoming an architectural and technological unicum. All the materials are waterproof and recyclable. The whole project and installation phases are conceived according to the complete energy saving concept.