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Best Bathroom Plants to Decorate your Modern Bath with Greenery


I have one small, silly dream – one day to be taking my baths and showers in paradise-like ambiance. You know beautiful flowers, lush vegetation, warm air, magnificent, breathtaking open views, optionally birds singing and wave crashing into the shore in short … I have to move to a tropical island. But until then there is always another option.



Decorating our bathrooms with suitable plant life and stylishly arranged greenery is something worth considering. Now that I think about it – it’s quite a smart choice. From one side you have the benefit of fairytale like ambiance without the real-life bugs. From the other observing the latest tendencies of the interior decoration trends – the greenery decoration of bathrooms is quite a hot choice.


But seriously – introducing living plants and even green walls into the interior decor arrangement is having a massive development in the last years and is taking up speed that allows us to welcome it in each and every space of the home including the bathroom. Having living, breathing, beautiful additions to your interior is not only a challenge but a huge benefited also. Do not forget the more practical and valuable work that they do: plants clean the air, add fresh oxygen and filter out everyday pollutants. They are essential for the health because they release phytochemicals, which suppress mold spores and bacteria in the air. And of course, they balance the humidity of the space – particularly useful tip for centrally-heated houses and their dry air.


So plants as part of our home and bathroom decor are an aesthetical, cheerful and vitalizing choice that brings added value to the health, the heart and the spirit of the inhabitants.


Even only one plant or flower in a stylish pot and on cleverly chosen location can make all the difference in a minimalist and functional space like the bathroom. The natural humidity of the bathroom and its daily use guarantee that the plants situated there will be not overlooked forgotten or dry. So tropical plants or other humid loving green creatures will be just perfect decoration twist for your interior.


If you like elegant, minimalist solutions, the unglazed ceramics are ideal for some of your flower friends (as well as for you characteristic and unique decor arrangement). The succulents and cacti plants flourish in glazed as well as unglazed ceramic pots so take the chance to add a spicy and beautiful twist to the functionality of the bathroom premise. And if you decide to mix cacti, succulents, and tropical plants, make sure the environment is sensible enough to the variety of their needs.


What will be the best choice of plants for our bathroom then?


Well, Orchid is always a classy choice. They cope wonderfully well in warm, humid environment; they offer a great variety of exquisite colors and shapes (the orchid family has more than 20,000 species) so from an aesthetic point of view they can be excellent addition even to the most demanding interior composition.


They are also quite compact so can be fitted even in restrained spaces, small bathrooms or just next to the sink. The only downside of these magnificent plants is that as a perennial herb they will blossom only for a part of the year. But well, cyclic recurrence is a part of natural life so it can be endured.


Some of the other clever plants choose for low light environments are the aloe, the bamboo, the snake plant and the spider plant. Let us introduce them to you one by one.


The healing Aloe represented in a great variety of species, shapes, and sizes. The Aloe Vera is not only intriguing, beautiful addition to your interior design but is also relatively unpretentious: it doesn’t need to much watering or sunlight ( actually direct sunlight can burn it) which makes it perfect for a bathroom inhabitation. Places with not direct sunlight and the general humidity of the premise will be sufficient for this marvelous choice of living companion. It is also known for its healing powers, so it’s always good to have in by hand in case of scratch or burn.


Another stylish plant choice for your bathroom will be the Bamboo.


The dynamic and intriguing combinations you can achieve with this exotic plant are practically endless, it likes light and water and keeps in mind – it is among the fastest-growing plants in the word, so space or control growth will be needed. But still with some care and trimming interesting combinations and arrangements can be achieved. Just take a look at how the intriguing space can be with a little bit of simple bamboo presence.






The Snake Plant (despite its name) is another excellent choice to bring freshness and vitality to your bathroom interior decoration. The Sansevieria trifasciata has many different shapes, representatives and known names – the whimsical “mother in low’s tongue” or the spiritual “Saint George’s Sword” are among them; so thanks to its rich variety very likely you will find something perfect for your decor composition. It is a plant that likes the shadows so a corner position will be just perfect for it. And of course, it wants water – so the bathroom it is the right place for it. Take a peek how sweet and stylish can it look in a spa – like an arrangement.


How about some ferns (Nephrolepis exaltata) for your bathroom? It is beautiful, vital and it is not so difficult to place and take care of. Just keep in mind that it likes high humidity and indirect light. With its fairy leaf patterns and fresh, delicate greenery, it is a perfect addition to any decor. Like this urban house, design proofs it.




The spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is attractive and very easy to take care of. It’s elegant, long and narrow leaves and the rich variety of species make it perfect for light interiors and elegant environment. If you haven’t found yet your favorite among the listed so far plants and flowers you can check out these plants suitable for low-light bathrooms; Dieffenbachia, Peace Lily and Ficus Benjamina. Or you can try the very unpretentious and easy for maintenance Aspidistra and Philodendron .


Vertical planters or green walls


But if you enjoy lush vegetation, and you want breathtaking, a stunning effect for your bathroom (almost as being on a tropical island) then consider the green wall option. Lately many architects and designers use advanced techniques and structures to create a really unique environment for the bathroom premises.


Just check out this project of Olga Akulova. When contemplating the option of more than a plant-pot in the bathroom keep in mind that the green wall maintenance will be much more demanding and will require constant trimming and care. Also, choose the combination of species for your vertical planters’ carefully: considering their needs and future cooperation.


The point where the bathroom meets the garden!


If none of the listed so far options are your dream for cozy bathroom design, then maybe opening the bathroom towards a garden will be your thing. This is very stylish and characteristic approach that creates a visual communication between the bathroom and the garden, extending in this way the influence of the premises and merging them into one interior expression. Fresh and easy to maintain! No special requirements for the plants since they are growing in their natural habitat – the outside garden.


The spa-like feeling of this project is straightened by the presence of natural stones – bringing aqueduct-like composition into the interior.


Even small garden adjacent to the bathroom can bring cozy and welcoming emanation to its interior decor.


In any case, there are multiple possibilities to introduce live and intriguing spirit into your home and particularly in bathroom premises. The presence of living plants is always fresh and makes the home vital and welcoming. No matter what you choose – from a single pot plant in green wall or garden, there is no downside of using flowers and plants to spice up your decor combinations. The tendency of bringing Nature into our homes (or making our homes as close to Nature as it’s possible) will continue to develop and upgrade in the future, so we expect exciting bathroom decor solutions and innovations in the next season of 2017 – 2018.