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OM Townhouse by Studio Arthur Cases


How is it possible an old apartment in a busy district to seem like a house with calm, fashionable and spacious expression? Turning this 1910s, apartment in the middle of Manhattan, near Central Park into stylish, artistic and cozy house-like dwelling wasn’t an easy job but the architects from Studio Arthur Cases excelled in it. Entwining organic material palette with bespoke furnishing from renowned masters, vintage pieces of furniture and art with a contemporary architectural layout and intelligent space armament the finished project of the place called OM Townhouse – offers unique and entertaining interior design.






Stripping down everything to the core of the structural walls the architects turned the old, dark apartment into open and luminous house-like place with inner courtyards and winter gardens. Vertical green walls protect the gardens and balcony privacy and introduce the sense of nature that is replicated throughout the design. The double height structure of the living areas offers a designer mixture between modern minimalism and simplicity (visible in the clear stylistic of the fireplace, the metal book shelving and some of the furniture) juxtaposed to a masterpiece of legendary American sculptor Michael Coffey presenting organic curves carved in twelve centimeter deep wooden doors.



Intriguing and beautiful central focal points like these are spread through the apartment’s interior decor. American design icons from the 1940s and 1950s compose the furniture and design arrangement of the apartment, such as the dining table and chairs by George Nakashima or the bespoke buffet designed by Peter Lane for the living room. Fantastic ceramic collections, natural fabrics, and discrete natural tones highlight the rusticity of the wooden cladding and the overall warmth and coziness of the design arrangement.