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Two Room Apartment With Unique Atmosphere and Experience of Space


Some times when you look at some architectural and design composition of a home you say to yourself – I want this, I want to live there! That is how this artistic composition of organic materials that reflect the surrounding nature in a very charismatic and contemporary way, can make you feel.



The unique house is created for a young family with small children and is located in Sihoť – the largest river island on the Danube in Bratislava, Slovakia. This is a vivid and intriguing project of Beef Architects makes a substantial impact on the observer first with its unusual and unexpected shapes, curves, spaces and elevations – all decided in rich, organic material palette. Starting from the oblong shape of some of the walls, the curved passages and passing through the incredible architectural solutions that become an artistic expression of the decor – like the supporting columns in the main living premise, that represent a living tree with its branches stretched to support the ceiling. And nonetheless the modernistic and unusual shapes of most of the furnishing throughout the house – like B2 kitchen by Bulthaup. There is so much hidden in the shapes.



The bespoke library – with its linear progression, stretching out to infinity and at the same time forming a space division between the living premise and the bathroom. Or the dynamic composition of the wooden coffee table with its triple wings spread in different directions and supplemented by very comfy looking organic linen solutions of sofas.



The same definite lined charm of organic materials forming intriguing shapes and spaces can be found throughout the house – at the roof where the very inviting leisure time swimming pool is combined with a concrete bar and sink-in sofa for a part-time with friends.



In the bathroom where the latest technology advances allow the organic material palette to compose a wooden bathtub and fittings functional even in wet ambiance.





Or even in the children’s room where elevations on the floor made from soft wooden materials coexist with playful additions like the suspended from the ceiling net or the intriguing lighting solution or the diamond shaped patterns on the partition hiding a playful staircase.


Rich organic material palette composes all the premises – wooden cladding and furnishing, linemen textures and furniture, concrete structures and metal additions all entwined in vivid and artistic way creates not only very inviting and cozy looking ambiance but also emanates style and entertaining fresh approach towards modern design- conscious and creative usage of materials and spaces- the way of the future.   Photos by Jakub Dvořák