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Woven and Printed Surfaces by Karpeta and Texture


Tradition becomes an innovation, handmade combines design; nature becomes culture: these are the main strengths of Karpeta and Texturae, the two furniture design brands that, this year, have landed for the first time at Brera District during the week of Salone del Mobile.


In the frame of the Galleria Statuto 13, from the 12th to 17th April, you will be able to discover the new collections of two brands, free from the conventional function of furniture; rugs and wallpaper that become the starting point for a very personal aesthetic journey which is entirely unique. Consolidated reality which has revolutionized the world of rugs, Karpeta comes with its sixth collection, while making its debut appearance is Texturae wallpaper, a newly minted brand that revolutionizes wallpaper, transforming it into an element of shaped design and modeling to the requirements of those who will shape it to their measurements.


In the presence of the designers who created the forms, geometrics and the vanishing points of rugs and wallpaper, the collections of Karpeta and Texturae will be officially presented to the public on Friday, the 15th of April, during the event “Woven and Printed Surfaces”. Entry to the world where it is the creativity and not the surfaces that dictate the rules.



Nature becomes a culture in perfect balance between tradition and innovation. Since 2006, Karpeta has revolutionized the world of rugs. Patterns created by the newest and most innovative designers are produced using traditional techniques. Our rugs are strictly handmade from natural fibers.


Giulia Ferraris, Ilaria Innocenti, Vito Nesta, Elisa Polimeni, Bruno Tarsia.




Custom-made creativity for the home plays with shapes, perspectives and spaces. Texturae is a new designer wallpaper brand that can transform the way we think of walls. Reinterpreted by our designers’ sensitivity, the walls become horizons which transform everyday surroundings into a personal gallery.


Chiara Andreatti, Antonio Aricò, Marta Lavinia Carboni, Martina Della Valle, Paolo Giacomazzi + Philippe Tabet, Paolo Gonzato, Ilaria Innocenti, Karin Kellner, La Tigre, José Mendoza, Vito Nesta, Elena Salmistraro, Sovrappensiero Design Studio, Caterina Gabelli/Studio Fludd, Alessandro Zambelli. Art Direction Serena Confalonieri.