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Artistic Office Space for Metromile in San Francisco


To go to work and fell like embarking on an artistic remake of classic American road trip movie? That can be something inspiring and highly entertaining. The designers from Geremia Design had drowned their inspiration from the nostalgic aesthetics of 70’s style beaded cars, vintage road maps, and classic American movies and blended it all together in creating intriguing and artistic office space for the Metromile car insurance in San Francisco. The large office space is divided by photographic murals and plants offering warm and welcoming feeling for all its functional areas – meeting rooms, casual discussion zones, kitchen.



The warmth of the decor coming from the exquisite wooden furniture, the soft furnishing, the playful textiles and wicker elements is well balanced with the industrial suggestion coming from the exposed ceiling pipes, the contemporary furniture, the chrome decorative elements and the reference to the classic car stylistics. This duality of the interior decor is further developed in the color compositions of space: the gray cement frame is delicately accentuated by white and ivory textures and warmed up by the orange hues ( so typical for the 70’s stylistics), green plants and light wood.




This balance can also be observed in the overall impression of the office – although the design is playful with strong influence of the stereotypical film sets and its dynamic decorations present such as diners, bars, director chairs, quotes from old movies displayed as graffiti, desert montages, cactus plants and so on – the Geremia Design team had presented this in light, harmonious way. Evoking the romantic sensation of being a part of adventurous movie or novel, where creativity and good spirit are eminent the designers had composed one genuinely entertaining, artistic and inviting workspace.