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MRND Lamps by Elena Salmistraro


Elena Salmistraro and her design line “MRND” lamps for Seletti are a tribute to the master Giorgio Morandi: lamps are made of glass, porcelain, wood, and cork.




“MRND” lamps are a tribute to the master Giorgio Morandi, a current reinterpretation of his work declined through an emotional dialectic that wants to evoke the “Morandiana” atmosphere, in a union between art and design. The objects by Morandi that are most iconic belong to his still life, in particular, the bottles made magical by the clever use of feeble colors and illuminated by a soft light.


Elena Salmistraro, with a method that is almost surgical, extracts the object from the canvas that imprisons it, giving them back to 3D through a sort of a spell. Transforming the bottles in lamps, the enchanted light that Morandi used to give to his work becomes part of the object itself, the shadows – wisely used –  become discordant materials, the ripples coming from the brush stroke of the master acquire a specific configuration converting themselves into a texture that has a contemporary flair. Also, the colors get a new life, yet staying natural and soft; they look like they’re chasing a new position within our current perspective.