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Solid Wood Flooring Trends – Colors, Textures and Designs


Turns out in one wooden floor there is so much more than one can imagine. Not only its debt, softness of tactile sensation, the variation in color:  from the warm, inviting amber – to the coal black of the earth. Not only its stylish and aesthetic look but also the artistic approach towards the treatment of shapes and graphics in the wood, its presentation as a product and its place in the whole interior concept.


It turns out there is a huge variety of artistic or innovative techniques to create a wooden floor – the ways the pieces are connected with each other, or the gaps filled or even the way the holes and defects of the wood are treated. But one thing is sure the return to the most natural ways is fact. Oiling was not sealing as treatment and finishes for the parquet. Thick solid wooden floors that will not react to ambient humidity expand or contract a basic. Rustic whiteness and pale shades, the deep darkness of some types of timber and so on, back to the traditional layout of the wooden flooring. One of the newest trends is presenting surfaces with knot holes, grooves and other irregularities that underline the natural origin of the material.


As they say: Nature is the best designer and we observe a huge comeback of the old fashion wooden flooring and natural surfaces! For example the Austrian makers Mafi are guided by that statement and from among 13 types of Central European wood, they create flooring with brushed or sanded surfaces and oil finish that reveals a great variety of natural colors and shapes. Their collection “Domino Larch Vulcano” presents a solid and stabile board made of end-grain blocks that can be only pre-ordered.


Another innovative approach of the designers in Mafi towards the wooden flooring is the thermal treatment that allows each and every block to preserves its color, leading to a wide variety of possible combinations. Using the ecologically harmless, vinegar based ‘white glue” the manufactures facilitate the assembling of the floor and the possibility of installing an under-floor heating system without harming the environment or compromising with the aesthetics.


Responding to the trends flow and the demands of the market the Swedish firm Kährs – a wood specialized manufacturer founded in the 1857 creates their new collections focused on the color white. The two new floor designs, created in collaboration with outside designers are responding to the search of new markets mainly in Central Europe, so the “Whiter Shade of Pale” and the “Soft Wave” are a flexible and artistic respond to the newest demands in the sphere of flooring.


Fluttering with different and innovative technics for the treatment of the wood the designers from Kährs offer a product that looks natural, fresh and with a bit rural effect. For example, the “Domani Collection Druma” features visible tears and marks from planes leading the manufacturing proses into the home design and giving to the product and its surrounding, sensible presence and natural origin. Spreading white oil across newly brushed wood is another technique of the designers that creates bright boards with a wonderful texture.



Another material that shows a huge comeback as a trendy, functional floor solution is the cork. Highly efficient, plastic and with sound and temperature regulative qualities this contemporary approach towards floor decoration has some very impressive design applications. The attractive and modern appearance of the “Wicanders Artcomfort Reclaimed” collection by Portugal’s Amorim, offers wood and stone decorations printed directly onto the cork using a high-grade procedure. Inspired by the trends in eco-design which favor the usage of ecological and recyclable materials, the Reclaimed collection is not only stylish but also necessary approach towards floor coverage. Especially effective when applied in vast spaces the cork offers unreplaceable dynamic of patterns and functionality in many aspects.


Another impressive collection by Amorim is the “Authentica” series, which offers a revolution in vinyl flooring. With two integrated cork underlays under a transparent foil, the middle cork layer becomes much thicker and expressive as presence.


The natural look is turning not only into a trend but also into a demand for wood flooring. Shapes and textures can vary and be mixed and matched to create a wide range of looks, but the demand for sustainably is eminent.



The contemporary trends when it comes to deciding the color palette of the flooring tend to celebrate the beauty of greens, as well as the dark browns and greys tonalities, in harmony with natural elements such as soil and stone. The whiteness never goes out of style of course! Handcrafted products play a special part in the design, placing the accent on the beauty of the source – the nature. The search is to bring green and sustainable into the urban and modern dynamics.


The interiors of Versailles with their exquisite small parquet boards had inspired the designer Patricia Urquiola to create the new timber flooring collection Biscuit for Listone Giordano. Reverence to the traditional aesthetics and the romance of times gone by the collection also includes its own unique and playful style and contemporary expression.

Creating this collection the designer Patricia Urquiola had freely played with the lines and the shapes of the traditional parquet layout until the result was elegant, somewhat minimalistic pattern with soft lines and playful spirit. Instead of pushing the boundaries of conventional design the creator had examined how the boards were traditionally applied and then applied this knowledge to contemporary interiors and innovative aesthetics.



In the Biscuit‘s collection, the little flaws are viewed as added value and the imperfections have a charming final result. The high-quality oak board with their rounded corners can be assembled and layered in a variety of styles – marquetry, mosaic, herringbone, formwork – building elegant “woven patterns” that can suit many personal styles and aesthetics. So at the end the playful approach towards the classic wooden flooring that explores its shapes, imperfections, colors and shades while still preserving its natural qualities and elegant presence is the newest and, we may add the best, approach towards decorating the floors of your home or space.