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Three-Dimensional Rama Armchair by Arik Levy


Rama is an architectural, three-dimensional seating piece whose subtle folds and faceted surface reference origami and the Japanese art of paper folding. Designed by Arik Levy for Palau. The company cooperates closely with Dutch and international designers, such as Ben van Berkel, Robert Bronwasser, Arik Levy, Björn Mulder and Mario Ruiz. They all share the typical Palau signature while preserving their distinct style.



Rama is composed of a series of plane surfaces juxtaposed in space side by side, creating an endless and smooth form — a sort of intimate, personal alcove. The armchair is composed of a double-skin construction that has an external layer of comfort giving it a dynamic look, thus making it easy to integrate into a contemporary, or classic interior. Without compromising coziness and function, Rama has a swivel base that offers additional flexibility; and maintains an appearance that is non-invasive, but sculptural and elegant.