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Renovating An Old Stone Cottage


Wicklow Residence was a full extension and renovation project which was carried out in collaboration with Kingston Lafferty Design and renovation company Renova, who constructed and planned managed the build. It involved the demolition of the existing flat roofed extension, the full configuration and redesign of the existing stone cottage and the design of a new double storey extension to the rear of the property.

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The current stone cottage is over two hundred years old, so we created the extension to be sympathetic to the existing stone cottage and sought to highlight the original features of the cottage as much as possible. The stone cottage originally had quite a small window opens and was dark inside. We wanted the addition to be bright and spacious and reflect a sense of modernity in contrast to the cottage. As well as re-configuring the space, we also designed joinery and furniture items throughout the house to enhance storage. The client was downsizing from a large family home, so it was extremely important to maximise storage and functionality throughout the house. Circulation and ease of use were a key design consideration overall.

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