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L-Shape Extension Added to Victorian House


This family of city professionals with a young daughter wanted a dining area, garden and open plan kitchen combined into a single communal area. A key source of their inspiration came from “Grand Designs”, and they specifically requested designs which matched the calibre and innovation of these projects. This client required architectural design and construction plans for an L-shape extension to their three storey Victorian home. They also requested the interior design of a bright open-plan kitchen, stepped down dining area and raised deck in the garden.



Special Additions:
• Exposed brickwork facing internally
• Exposed steel beams to create an ‘industrial’ feel which the client desired
• A glass roof
• A Proline kitchen in an open-plan layout with custom designed shelving


The Solution:
Our commitment to capturing the client’s vision and instilling it in their project was vital as the client had very specific preferences regarding design. We worked with them long-term to review their ideas, brainstorm layouts and create 2D concept drawings to develop the ideas further. We also used 3D models and 3D visual walkthroughs to help the client fully experience how the finished designs could look. As the client requested more natural light, architects at Kroos designed a completely bespoke glass roof with specific angles to create a stunning result.


We combined this with a minimalistic, clean and modern design with an industrial feel to match the client’s favourite “Grand Designs” project. Alongside design and architecture, we also conducted planning permission applications for the client to begin construction. However, there were two issues we had to handle. Firstly, the neighbour did not like the idea of their shared fence being replaced by an extension wall. After mediation between the parties, we suggested minimising the height of the wall to make it less obvious, which both sides accepted.


Secondly, the neighbour simply didn’t want any construction taking place next door and was concerned about potential disruption. Instead of forcing through the application, we decided on a mediation approach to finding an amicable solution without souring the relationship between the client and their neighbour.


The Result:
The modern and minimalist design, combined with considerable natural light due to the new glass roof, created a bright, spacious and airy environment for this growing family to relax in. Their new Proline kitchen and custom plinth shelving created a functional family kitchen while our designers worked hard to combine the client’s unique tastes into an interior open plan environment they were delighted with. The dispute with their neighbour was also resolved amicably. Eventually, the neighbour became enthused with the project and asked Kroos Architecture about how they could implement features from the client’s new kitchen within their home.