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GinYuu Concept Restaurant in Stuttgart by Ippolito Fleitz Group


Beneath a canopy of suspended artistic lights, a moody and inviting restaurant atmosphere unfolds, welcoming the guests in fairy tale of dynamic wooden structures and lighting.



Panting this Stuttgart-based restaurant into a space that is welcoming and warm, the designers from Ippolito Fleitz Group‘s used gorgeous wooden palette, strong colors and ceramic accents with hand-applied motifs from illustrator Claudia Wagner and succeeded in creating a modern, dynamic and memorable character for the new pan-Asian restaurant. The spatial circulation begins with a reception desk and its specific customs, continues with following the oak flooring through an exhibition of driftwood counters, rough-sawn tables, rope-suspended shutters, and furnishings, that generates intriguing and simultaneously relaxing atmosphere.



The strong interior palette is composed of a diversity of colors, textures and wooden surfaces arranged in dynamic spatial successions and privet lounges. The space composition is also dynamic tanks to the many diverse space arrangements, partitions, and suspended installations; dining zones varying from leather sofas and coffee tables to lounges with lattice separations, from Violet bar stools at the counter for a bar atmosphere, to window-side tall tables for a quick meal. Shades of blue and gold entwine together with playful purple, black and gray strings.




Space visually separates on two modernistic fairy tale half’s the ground arrangement of the furniture and its peachy shapes and the under ceiling space where fashionable lightings, lamps, and contemporary installations create a whole another atmosphere- of dynamic illuminations and entanglement.