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Fashionable Restaurant in Melbourne by Biasol Design Studio


Lately, we are quite impressed by these pure, organic and elegant designs of restaurants, tea houses and other internationally spread delights for the palate and the aesthetic senses. On a side note, a lot of them come from the Australian design scene so maybe there is something there, something in the air perhaps… Their nature-inspired atmosphere and light color scheme carry a sense of serenity and peaceful enjoyment.



This particularly fashionable restaurant located in Melbourne, Australia represents the duality and entanglement of the playful nature of the owner Kitty Burns and the more serious and balanced approach of the designers from Biasol Design Studio. The design is an intriguing combination of natural chaos and freshness and sophisticated elegance and mathematical precision. Starting with the way the architects managed the vast, high ceiling space and turned into cozy, full of light restaurant and bar premise.



The designers also took advantage of the peaceful surroundings and views of the Melbourne’s iconic Yarra River and turned that tranquility into inspiration for a serene decor – something rare in the restaurant decor scene. Designing three main dining areas, which are breaking up space, creating in this way a unique dining experiences that steel works cohesively, the architects achieved the necessary intimacy of the sections without compromising the free float of space.Further on the pinched roof timber constructs that underline the different dining zones are also an expression of the combinatorial design – a mixture between Kitty Burns’ playful spirit ( each construct has a different height) and the thoughtful, solid approach of the designers: pure, stabile, single material constructs.



The whole aesthetics of this Australian restaurant speaks of a close relation between the architecture and nature- an abundance of green plants and decorations, natural material palette dominated by untainted wood, light, fresh emanation like a summer day and, of course, the bright natural light that illuminates the space. The other creative details – like the thru-and-thru polished concrete floors that bring an urban note to the design, the fashionable brass and cooper lamps and decorative elements and the delightful turquoise tiles decoration of the bar zone are only underlining the freshens and purity of the organic composition and introduce playful, artistic drops into the whole assemble.