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Cesello Collection by Raffaello Galiotto for Lithos Design Domino


The new brand Lithos Design Domino has revolutionised traditional production methods, widening the target of the company and offering refined marble coverings to the medium-high end market with fast processing times that allow large quantities to be produced and delivered quickly.


Through the Lithos Design company know-how that has led to a new and exclusive technical/conceptual revision of the machinery on the market, the brand encompasses new collections of marble coverings, original and unusual solutions both in terms of decoration and production technique. Refined products with high technical value, the collections of the Domino brand are also smart, easy to include in all types of setting without overpowering the decoration: conceived for big projects, they respect ideal conditions such as being processed quickly hence allowing costs to be contained, produced in large quantities and delivered quickly.



The name of the first collection, designed by Raffaello Galiotto, is Cesello (Italian word for chisel), introducing six new models of coverings, the common denominator of which is a sophisticated alternation of soft waves and more marked lines, light but articulated and dynamic patterns enhanced by exceptional chiaroscuro shades.


The warp of Khadi, the typical Indian handmade cotton fabric, is strongly evoked in this covering, where the “yarns” unravel separately before becoming entwined and overlapping more closely to form an elegant weft and immediate appeal. In the covering, the weaving, along with the choice of the type of marble, expresses shades of light that create movement and a multi-weft effect on the wall.



It evokes the curved shapes of the roofs of Japanese pagodas, the distinctive series of overlapping surfaces that rise from one level to the next. It is a rhythmic and undulated decoration whose calculated movement of incisions gives walls special intensity.



Scratches, incisions and grooves outline rhomboidal shapes that are repeated rhythmically, expanding with an almost hypnotic effect. The layout is light and strong as a whole, marked but always soft, round and repetitive also in the chiaroscuro patterns that are formed. The effect on the wall is particularly refined and elegant.



A series of incisions that start deeply and get lighter and vice versa, creating a strong chiaroscuro contrast that draws soft dunes modelled by the action of the wind. A wall covered with this pattern takes on a strong personality and at the same time becomes a discrete setting, perfect for all styles of furnishings.



It recalls wicker with its irregular fibres patiently interwoven by the skilful hands of craftsmen. The precise pattern of incisions outlines identical and perfect but never rigid grooves. The aesthetic effect has an intrinsic, whispered elegance, hence ideal for all settings.



Rhythm, movement, vibration. Tribale is a lively covering, able to give the whole room energy and strength. The scenic result is exciting with its chiaroscuro effects and the woven mesh imprinted on the stone that creates an incredible optical effect.