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Creative and Playful LEO Office With Fresh Open Spaces


Creative and playful with fresh open spaces, natural materials and innovative approach towards composing a working premise this contemporary creation of LLLab studio, redefines the concept of working office in China. The new office of LEO in Shanghai is offering a fantastic light and bright atmosphere reimagine in a contemporary and efficient way.



The transparency as a leading trade of the space composition allows the natural day light to reach the deepest corners of the place and introduce a sensation of easiness, creativity and bright new life. The glass partitions, some decided in amazing round shapes, are not only a very clever way to illuminate the working premise but also an invitation to communal interaction, sharing and an artistic expression of modern dynamics. The polished concrete floors are also a part of the illuminating project (yes right) they reflect the light and also bring contemporary urban expression to the premise.




The whole material palate of the design is raw and dynamic so to depict the creative proses of ideas – emerge. The wooden flooring in the meeting rooms transfuses into the tables tops, so they look like rising from the floor, the white elements balance the dark gray background of the spaces, entwining wood and light, glass and brass defiles, concrete and plastic the architects create one very innovative, young and modern ambiance. The beautiful lighting project is also one of the fine and dominating features of the office – designers’ lamps, exposed brass wiring on the ceiling, a starry sky like arrangement in the communal premises, artistic shapes and fragile glass bulbs combine to illuminate one unique and an excellent place to work, create and interact with colleges.





Altogether this office premise with its thousand thoughtful details, artistic solutions, and intriguing combinations, with its coffees, libraries, meeting rooms and offices, with its vibrant and modern material palette and furniture compositions is hard to describe – so we offer you to observe and enjoy.