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SEED by Taeg Nishimoto


SEED is an object to be hung on the wall incorporating small plants as the focus. SEED comes in many variations of profile and surface texture. Each profile is taken from different river stones’ shape that is a result of a long smoothing process the stones go through in water flow of the river, evoking the sense of connection with the physical force in nature.




It is made of fast drying cast concrete using the Tyvek as the mold. Tyvek is first crinkled to create a particular crease pattern and stretched inside the cutout profile. Concrete mix is poured with about 5mm – 8mm thick while the center of the Tyvek is slightly lifted to make a hole in the center according to the crease pattern of Tyvek. The resulting crease patterns of the concrete surface resemble the topological pattern one sees in satellite images of natural landscape.


The container part of the soil for the plant is attached in the back, lifting the concrete tile about 2cm to 4.5cm from the wall, giving the presence of the tile floating in front of the wall. Technically any plant that can fit inside the hole can be used, though, in these images, various kinds of succulents were used. The combination of different profiles can create different configurations and visual effect on the wall.