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Feminine Apartment with Mild Pastel Colors and Trendy Decor


The UK-based architectural studio IDEA Creative & Design had made the stylish decor for this modern apartment located in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. The interior solutions impress with their contemporary take on functionality, mild pastel colors and trendy decor details that add sophisticated luxury to the whole project.




To provide as much, it is possible natural light the designers had created a skylight opening framed by metal beams in the main living premise and that supplemented by the 360 degrees panorama windows opens the apartment to its surrounding and provides urban context for the interior. Eye-catching elements from the decor and focal points become the brass and copper lighting solutions that adorn each premise of the apartment, most of these contemporary luxury creations came from Tom Dixson’s home accessories collection along with other brass made decorative elements.



That approach – using trendy decorative elements combined with high-class materials and textures creates one very luxurious and even glamorous atmosphere. Sparkling details from glass, metal and ceramics decorate the warm, mild ambiance achieved through the combination of pastel colors, full surface coverage: like the leather panel at the bedroom wall or the rhomboid glass wall in the living room; and the presence abundant plant life and flowers arrangement. The contrast between black and white (underlined by the glamorous shining metal surfaces) that goes throughout the living premises continue in the kitchen where the white kitchen island is surrounded by black varnish, heavy matt marble and shining accents of brass.