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CASA C2 – A Bohemian and Contemporary Decor Designed by Lucas y Hernández-Gil


After decades of serving as an office space, this premise appeared, although its facade preserved the spirit and architecture from its origin in 1880, quite deprived from personality and strip to its naked core. In this state the property was discovered and undertaken for development from the architects Lucas y Hernández-Gil: which we are familiar with from their trendy interior decor work  with the restaurant El Pinton in Sevilla; Creating a space where the light can play freely, bouncing up from a mixture of bohemian and contemporary objects and decor elements the architects succeeded to return the vital spirit of the space.



When reconstructing and, we may say, recreating the space the architects had two objectives – on one hand they are aiming for a contemporary home full of light and sophisticated functionality and on the other they wanted to preserve and return as much is possible from the old bohemian spirit of the place. For the first goal, the designers kept the premises open and as spacious as possible and for the other the usage of traditional materials like wood, stone and craftsmanship pieces – did the job.


The classic whiteness of the walls and the wooden parquet allow the comfortable and arty furniture and decorations to stand out. True to its bohemian spirit the place offers not only a wonderful composition of furniture, lighting solutions, textiles and decorations but also a pretty substantial collection of modern art. Here the local artists, such as Joan Miró, Ofelia Garcia, Miguel Angel Barba and Javier Calleja are mixed with foreign ones like Jesús Rafael Soto and Milton Becerra, and we can find big names of the twentieth-century design as Knoll and Saarinen, live in harmony with today’s trendy creators. Altogether the place emanates welcoming serenity and playful spirit, a refuge space where to relax and entertainment goes hand by hand.