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Leather Tiles That Wraps Gently the Bedroom


Precious, fine and sensual, Dream is a leather tiles covering that wraps gently the bedroom creating a unique and luxurious mood. The leather composition behind the bed becomes a refined decorative insert. On the floor, leather tiles across the parquet drawing a soft natural carpet, beautiful and functional. The leather tiles “warm up” the room, make it more personal, intimate.



One of the elements that mostly differentiates Lapèlle Design leather tiles from other leather coverings is the laying system, exclusive patent of  Scamosceria Astico. The installation of leather tiles, the same whether it’s for floor or wall, it’s easy, very intuitive, it does not require the intervention of specialized staff and allows you to remove and replace each leather tile endless times. First of all the application of a self-adhesive layer on the surface which has to be covered,  second, the application of the tiles, which, thanks to hook and loop straps, are fixed to the surface, yet removable for any occasion such as substitution, maintenance, and change.