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Fenice Chair Collection by Domitalia


Fenice chair collection from Domitalia company has been designed as a response to the market of large and comfortable seats with a luxury appeal.



This collection of chairs is characterized by the stylistic features typical of luxury: an accurate selection of materials such as woods and fabrics with luxury finishes. Two interchangeable chair frames have been associated to the harmonious and particularly generous shapes. The chair frames are differing for inspiration, material, shape and use. The basic idea is actually to offer a wide range of possibilities to meet the mixed tastes of any possible customers. Fenice chair is so a quality product available at a more affordable price, in a perfect balance between the “prestige” of the luxury world and the dynamics of the mass market.



Fenice chair finishes: 4 Triangular legs: chrome, chrome-titanium steel, sand and white mat lacquered steel.
Wooden frame: ashwood chocolate, walnut and light oak varnished.
Upholstered shell: Mr. Jack in its variations of sand, powder, brick, blue-green and light grey colours.