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MIA Upholstery Collection by Francesco Bettoni


Upholstered furniture has many faces: Depending on with which fabric or leather, they are based, they are changing their character and shape. In this spirit, the Italian designer Francesco Bettoni has designed its upholstery collection Mia for MDF Italia. The seating is neutral cubes, which can be adapted with very different implications to the preferences of customers – whether tone on tone or in deliberately set contrasts.



The Mia family, standing for comfort, softness, conviviality and aesthetics, this year adds the L and XL variant. The collection is completed with a 150 cm two seat sofa and an extra 174 cm two seat sofa. Mia stands out for its rounded off lines, the surrounding seat and for the soft and cozy swelling of the arm and backrest that reminds a folded pillow. The project originates from the simple act of folding a pillow, thus creating a nest, a shelter for relaxing moments.


“As you want me” is Mia’s spirit. Mia has been designed to receive any coating. It can be customised depending on client’s needs or aesthetic taste, playing with profiles’ colours, spanning from “ton-sur-ton” to the most exaggerated contrasts, thus allowing everyone to interpret it and adapt it to any environment. Featuring a simple line, but with a versatile personality, the Mia range confirms the versatility of use of MDF Italia Collection that, though focused on the home space, also adapts very well to public venues and lobbies.


The MIA collection is characterized by an extra-thick decorative trim that emphasizes its sinuosity by tracing its edges and intersections. Completely upholstered (just like a skin) with an easily removable cover thanks to an elegant zipper defining the shape of its armrests. The trim can be in the same tone of the cover, or in a contrast colour based on the customers’ choice. The fabric cover is specially made for maximum softness and covers every part of the armchair.