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Rombini Collection by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Mutina


Studio Bouroullec’s projects always develop through a process, a tale of modules that make up a color consistency that is independent of the material that composes them. The “vibrations” are the true key style of the Studio – vibrations that objects transmit to the final consumer, chromatic vibrations, vibrations of matter.



Rombini is a ceramic tile intended to convey these very vibrations. A research process that lasted more than two years. An exploration of the world of color that had to overcome many technical and manufacturing obstacles, before which Mutina and the Bouroullec brothers did not stop reaching the common goal: a project of vibration, all made of ceramics.


“Rombini is an alphabet of shapes and colors. The project consists of three models: tile, mosaic, and relief elements. It is a collection that offers a complete solution, offering different combinations; rhythmic and colorful connections ranging from the tile to the mosaic, from the mosaic to the relief, from the relief to the tile” Bouroullec brothers say.


Rombini is ceramics vibration, told in the symbolic Bouroullecs’ colors – gray, blue, green, red and white, a master key to create infinite combinations with other colors – through different worlds. So the shape of the rhombus is told through elements in communication with each other, to become story and exchange. Rombini is a real interior design project, based on color and composed by three elements: carré, losange and triangle.