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Apartment for Four by Rina Lovko


Rina Lovko is offering us a beautiful, cozy and stylish experience with this small family apartment located in Kiev, Ukraine. The rich textures, folklore motifs and natural elements combined with contemporary pieces of artistic design, urban dynamic, and bespoke details is making the „Apartment for Four “unforgettable aesthetic delight.




Starting from the kitchen were high-class functionality is supplemented by the artistic presence of renown design pieces (like the concrete cantilevered lamps from Foscarini, or the colorful upholstered bar chairs) the visitor may fully enjoy the stylish elegance of interior decor fusion. Throughout the apartment concrete is accompanied by wooden cladding, glass is elegantly framed by metal, and the warm, colorful textiles are juxtaposed to the naked simplicity of the wooden cladding. This play with surfaces and textures is not only providing multiple focal points with different dynamics: urban, industrial, rustic and soft; but is also ensuring extra flexible dwelling with prefabricated walls each of which can be removed and rearranged if a change is needed.





This dynamic approach towards the materials palette extends to the color choices as well, and that well-arranged richness brings comfort and class to any home. The raw wood fittings (in bathroom and kitchen) along with the brick walls and contemporary art pictures by various Ukrainian artist, bring enjoyable homey sensation to the premises dominated by shining light surfaces, and together with the designers’ lighting solutions and colorful textiles make this home a discovering journey of artistic elements. The color palette of the apartment is led by the presence of classic and pastel colors with occasional splashes of sea-blue, purple and yellow and only in the children’s room the designers lets the warm color explosion to fill the premise.