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Lucas y Hernández – Gil Recreates Trendy Decor of El Pinton Restaurant


Interior design that charms us with the stylish fusion between contemporary freshness and the antique spirit of this Andalusian courtyard.  The project of the Spanish studio Lucas y Hernández – Gil architects is located in Seville and recreates the beautiful decor for this trendy restaurant El Pinton.





With a strong aesthetic connection between the original romantic architecture of the sunny haciendas’ and the modern stylistics of elegant dining experience, the designers are taking us to a journey of delightful nature. The architects entwined elegantly the original row features and textures of the premises with design pieces made especially for this location. Amongst the creations of the design studio are most of the stylish furniture composed of wood and metal framing, some of the lightning solutions and modern lamp installations and the design for the graphic logo greeting the visitors at the entrance. The rest of the furniture pieces and lamps are from recognizable design brands on the market and add to the sophisticated charm of this sunny restaurant.




The restaurant consists of few dynamically arranged premises, each with its one unique atmosphere and intriguing features. Starting with the entrance where raw concrete, contemporary lamps, and modern logo design are juxtaposed to antique architectural constructs and delightful metal fence, ornament with white metal and as a final touch all is refreshed and broth together by some cleverly arranged greenery – just precious! Continuing throughout the premises we find the same intertwine meant and fusion is following us through the central courtyard, where designers’ furniture in fresh, dynamic shapes is arranged amongst some original romantic constructions – the typical Andalusian courtyard with a touch of new-edge ornaments.




And what about those beautiful ceramic tiles that are honoring the Spanish heart of the place? Or the intriguing light yellow thread that goes throughout the restaurant’s color palette, bringing freshens and welcoming character – like a signature element of the design? More and more artistic, beautiful details of the design unfold with the observation and enjoyment of the space – designers lightning solutions, elegant chairs and playful tables, fresh plants and artistically twisted metal shapes, sunny premises and delicate color choices, romantic architectural construct and richness of natural materials – more and more, throughout the restaurant – a true palette of enjoyment for  the senses.