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Ark House by Drozdov & Partners


A house named Ark floats over the pastoral landscape of Kharkiv hills, Ukraine. With its clear stylistic and intriguing wooden louvers, the house architectural expression is simple, modern and stylish. The play of voids and openings (like the very picturesque semi-open deck of a terrace with a swimming pool) compose the character of the house. Gardens and lawns surround the house and together with the excellent view from the top construct towards the city center provide a wonderful connection for the interior with its natural surroundings.





The material palette composing the interior, as well as the exterior construct, is sophisticated and natural – wood, thin black metal, sandstone and brickwork entwined to create stylish and restrained interior. The furnishing is almost minimalistic; leaving great open spaces full with sunlight, and that brings comfort and charm to the interior composition. The stylish characteristics and shapes of the furniture and interior elements are strengthened by elegant color choices and dynamic juxtapositions. From one side the architects from Drozdov & Partners had left the natural color and texture of the composing elements to dominate the space (wood, metal, white finishing and the gray-beige kingdom of never-dying classic) and from the other, they introduced the spicing up of the interior emanation with aquamarine blue and light- green elements and details that add vitality and charm. Altogether elegant and modern home.   Photographs: Andrey Avdeenko