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Global Gardens


Global Gardens are hassle-free, self-contained, moss-covered globe gardens that hang from the ceiling. GGs are perfect for those who live in small spaces as they take no room on your counter or floor. Want a garden but don’t want to get your hands dirty? Global Gardens are completely self-contained, just hang and enjoy. They can be placed directly in front of your windows for perfect lighting. Hang organic herb GGs in your kitchen for clipping and cooking.


Global Gardens keep plants away from children and pets too. Herbs, flowers, succulents, and a variety of live plants fit every light condition from shade to full sun. Flower GGs are the perfect gift as they keep on giving. Spider plants even clean the air in your home and office. And succulents require bright light and less frequent watering, making plant care easy for everyone. An Italian trio of parsley, chives, and oregano in your kitchen will keep you fresh all winter. In warm climates, your Global Gardens can hang outside all year.


With decades of gardening experience and a mission to bring plants into every home and office on the planet, their creator, Denise Hopkins is an architect on a mission. She has developed a special blend of nutrients and soil for each plant type, ensuring its longevity in your space. Each handcrafted Global Garden comes complete with a self-tapping ceiling anchor, hook, and hanging ring. Water your GG by dipping in a bowl of water, let it drain in the sink, then rehang.