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Luxury Marble Cladding Collection by Lithos Design


Lithos Design is inching closer to the end of 2015 and anticipates some of the many novelties for 2016, presenting the extension of two of its historic marble cladding collections: Luxury and Le Pietre Incise.


Luxury, as its name suggests, is distinguished by the ability to recreate luxurious atmospheres. Today, the collection is supplemented with two new materials, emperador dark and carrara ghiaccio, combined with gold leaf. The new marbles are also used for the existing Luxury patterns, which were to date produced in Pierre bleue marble combined with gold or silver leaf.


Raffaello Galiotto Design the Luxury collection includes six sophisticated patterns capable of recreating luxurious atmospheres, which all share the combination of stone with gold or silver. The collection’s four original models are available in pierre bleue, a stone which features particular blue/grey hues that is sourced in Belgium, with silver or gold leaf decorations. From now on, the number of models, the materials and the colours available have been expanded. The new stones introduced into the Luxury collection are the prestigious emperador dark and carrara ghiaccio, which, combined with gold, are used both for the two new models and for the four existing ones.