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True Apartment by SVOYA Studio


Exploring the home design as and artistic expression and piece of contemporary creation lead us again and again to the young Ukrainian design workshop – the SVOYA Studio! Few more stunning designs like this apartment located in Kiev and we are going officially to name them our favorite young design studio! But let’s take a more detailed look throughout the project, shall we, it’s totally worth it, we promise!



The main living premise with all its delightful and innovative details: like the playful textural accent of the hammock or the wooden rosette 8-bit – an artistic reminder of days passed, placed as a statement above modern lamp, is stylishly wrapped in a shell of dynamic juxtapositions between row concrete and natural, rich wood, soft textiles and robust metal frames. Like a music piece, everything in this open-space premise; which unites living room, dining zone, and modern kitchen is worth special attention. From the intriguing shapes of the designers’ lamps to the innovative solution of the wine holder and – our favorite whimsical touch – the cute vintage cabinet standing alone amongst modern kitchen fittings. All the lamps and lighting solutions throughout the project are designers’ pieces from SVOYA’s collection – carrying exotic names like VpotolocIzdereva and so on.









All the bespoke design pieces, like the art installation of iron nails above the bed in the master bedroom or the beautiful wooden furniture in bathroom, kitchen and dining zones add to the unique charm and artistic value of the apartment. Altogether the project presents us with a high-class luxury (from the material palette used to the intruding shapes composing the elements of the decor) – but not a just luxury for a gorgeous effect – it’s a luxury with artistic and unique touch, which makes it so compelling and enjoyable.