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Lapelle as a Second Skin Covering Interior Floors and Walls


Lapèlle offers innovative leather floors and walls with an unmistakable touch-appeal. A real, easily customizable, tool for architects and professionals available for their projects, both contract and residential. One of the distinctive points of Lapèlle products is the laying system, exclusive patent of Scamosceria Astico, company that owns the brand.


The installation of leather tiles, same for flooring or wall, it is easy, it does not require the intervention of specialized staff, and it allows you to remove, replace or change the tiles over and over again. Starting from the laying of a self-adhesive layer on any surface to be coated (walls, doors, objects, etc), we proceed with the laying of leather tiles one by one, which, thanks to a loop-hook system (such as Velcro), will be fixed in a stable way while remaining removable for any need, even to change the composition according to personal preferences (the tiles are also available in self-adhesive directly glued to the wall).


Elastic and highly flexible, Lapèlle floors and walls can cover also curved, corners, edges, doors without needing of any structural work. The result is simply perfect and impressive. Leather floors and walls are a practical and original and their resistance and maintenance is much easier than you might imagine, and it does not require any special device. The product also has sound-absorbing properties, fire resistance and thermal insulation. Lapèlle leather tiles do not use any glue nor resin in a solvent. Lapèlle matches spontaneously to every type of furniture and is enhanced in combination with any other material.


Luna leather tiles, installed in the bathroom, make it softly warm, delicate and seductive. Precious removable tiles that, thanks to an easy and patented installation system, are a real revolution in the way we design spaces. Luna creates soft, elegant and exclusive atmospheres, mixing innovative design with ancestral perceptions. Leather, in fact, gives us empathic sensations and emotions.