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Senya Restaurant by Idbox


Senya Restaurant in Malaysia was designed by Interior Design Company Idbox, located in Singapore.



For Senya, the concept of the shop was inspired by the idea of “Mixed” as shown in the image provided. The concepts come up with a  mix of Western and Asian culture design. For the western area, we applied vintage yet classy style with wording as the wall decoration describing the spirit of the brave Japanese warrior.


This concept came to our mind because the restaurant is using the  “Nebuta” which refers to the float of a brave warrior-figure that is carried through the centre of the city. Nebuta appears in the  Aomori Nebuta  Festival during Japanese summer festival that is one of the three largest festivals in the Tohoku region. The overall shop is to bring out the mixed culture which able to complement each other gently without losing the fighting spirit that show bravery and strong with the theme colour.