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Playful Arrangement of Space in Boston


The bohemian rhapsody of colorful expressions, contemporary stylistic and playful arrangement of space is embodied in this two-bedroom apartment located in Boston, Massachusetts. The joyful design belongs to the over,under architectural firm, features a floor-to-ceiling felt wall by FilzFelt. Both had created a space where the unique aesthetics meets the functionality, and clever design solutions are turn into art pieces and decor ornaments.





Every detail of the space arrangement is sophisticated, artistic and made with great taste, and some of the features deserve their one special attention. The first thing that grabs the eye is the fragmented colorful walls that define the different functional spaces of the apartment, some of which colored in accentuating black with contemporary art pieces on them, adding vitality and color. And the most attractive of them is certainly the one defining the children premise – an felt experimental installation, made of multi-colored triangular pieces a creation of the mother – a designer herself.




Otherwise, the main color of the permanent constructs is white – allowing the contemporary and colorful furniture collection of the owners to stand out framed by the artistic half-walls and the art pieces spread throughout the home. Custom made, build-in cabinets play a functional and esthetic role not only in the kitchen (where the extra space for food preparation and the whiteness of design gives the impression of space much bigger than in reality) but also tidy up the whole house and add innovative charm to the arrangement. Altogether the spaces of this modern apartment are sunny, smoothly arranged with sophisticated taste and full of vital colors, shapes, and cheerful design – a true pleasure to inhabit and observe.   Photos by Bob O’Connor