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Naman Residences – Garden Villa on the Non Nuoc Beach


It is important in the beginning of those cold autumn days to remember and feel the summer warmth and – so to say – to keep the good juju float. We had already presented you one of the hoses on this project of MIA Design Studio. The Naman Residence is located on the famous Non Nuoc Beach in Danang, Vietnam and consists of forty villas categorized into four types A, B, C and D; you had a peak on A class villa, today we would like you to take a look on a B type – Garden Villa.


The main difference is not in the high quality of materials and architectural constructs, is not even in the spaciousness of the premises, is more like that the lower type villa is not situated directly on to the beach. But the architects had taken this challenge nobly and turned it into advantage of beautiful views towards the tropical forest and distant sea landscape.



The interior design is none the less glamorous, spacious and modern. The signature feature for the villas the dip – in sitting area located midst inviting infinity pool is present here also. Fashionable design furniture pieces spread throughout the house and garden are also here. The serenity of the white-beige-gray color palette and the elegance of the natural materials composition are not missing too. The house consists of two volumes connected by fragile looking glass bridge on one level and carefully arranged gardens on ground level. In one of the volumes the simple elegance of the living premises is juxtaposed by the astonishing beauty of the roof pool that provides not only natural cooling but also unique charm to the house appearance.  All together the interiors possess open charm, simplicity and contemporary emanation with a dash of local exotics and playful innovations.   Photographs: Hiroyuki Oki