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Restaurant With Artistic Facade Brick Wall and Graffiti


Behind the urban, artistic facade with its enigmatic brick construct and modern graffiti decoration, there is hidden an untypical restaurant: an old world of Chinese food done in a new, stylish way.


The interior of this restaurant located in Melbourne, Australia is decided by the architects from Techne Architecture + Interior Design in a classy and welcoming way with references to the Chinese culture but without the chip clichés and conspicuous elements.



The construct of the existing two storey brick warehouse is preserved – the interior is based on striped timber beams and beautiful exposed brickwork supplemented by contemporary minimal objects (some of which reference typical Chinese stylistics) and ornaments that add to the charm of the urban premise. Elements of the decor like brass detailed joinery and lighting solutions are inspired from  the significance of gold in Chinese culture which symbolizes happiness, or the timber and glass partitions that drawn their inspiration from the typical Chinese room division – all of this elements create a charming emanation of a new approach towards the classic.




Material palette responsible for the welcoming charm of the decor is composed by solid American Oak, rich brass supplementations, terrazzo and brick tiles all softened with natural leather and custom designed carpets providing the homey sensation of the premises. The color palate is mainly dark (as is the new trend in the interior design)  provoking intimate, comfortable feeling in visitors  decided with deep natural color in the range of pastel brown – beige – dark red – green spectrum.   Photographs: Brooke Holm