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Rizzi’s Spiral Staircases that Offer Great Functional Comfort


Despite being compact in size, spiral staircase have become major architectural features in the world of interior design. Their functionality, which used to be hidden and relegated to service amenities, now plays the starring role in elegant interior furnishing solutions, designed with painstaking care for details and materials, making them attractive and beguiling.


Rizzi Scale, based in Vicenza, Italy specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of latest-generation spiral staircases. It is the only company in Italy to produce this type of staircase in a comprehensive range of steel, wood and reinforced concrete versions, with diameters of up to 3 m. It is in a position to produce and install spiral staircases with small diameters, unrivalled quality and durability.


The minimum diameter of a concrete staircase starts at 125 cm, whereas wood or metal staircase diameters can even be as small as 110 cm, while retaining an excellent passageway. Indeed, considering its compact size, the absence of the central pole affords a  functional benefit that is truly perceptible. All staircases are made to measure with optimal riser and step angle depending on the customer’s specific situation and individual requirements.


Whether they are made of wood, metal or concrete, the striking feature lies in the details and the scenic effect: the thickness of the steps which can lend the staircase a lighter and more slender appearance, the perfect technical details in the mechanism that attaches the steps to the stringer, the presence or lack of a tread, the combination of materials and colours, the way the staircase develops upwards, and the perfectly professional installation. All staircases are made with a blend of standardised methods that guarantee quality and safety and highly skilled craftsmanship to achieve a unique staircase that can be customised in every way.