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Modernistic Wooden House Zilvar


Sustained in the best traditions of contemporary Modernism this wooden house called Zilvar (yes, all great houses have their name) is a creation of ASGK Design and is located in Eastern Bohemia. Surrounded by the romantic landscape of fields and forests, open sky and untainted nature the house emanates peace and calm away from busy, noisy modern word and with its wooden shell, fresh features and dynamic composition is one really intriguing piece of contemporary architecture and design.




According to the architects, the inspiration Zilvar comes from the client’s four-year-old son, who wanted the building to resemble an anthropoid, sloping towards the enormous oak tree. This dynamic and imagination of shapes, the close connection between the house and the surrounding nature are visible throughout the project. The open-plan space of the living premises visually extends even further because of the optical illusion that connects the living quarters with a wooden deck extension. Using the same flooring and timber cladding and vast sliding glass doors the architects connect the inner-space with the outside word with one graceful move.




The organic connection between the wooden house and the nature is visible not only in the natural material palette that composes the very welcoming and warm interior, no, the architects made special effort to compose the project in sustainable and independent way, considering the local microclimate of rain and winds, low-energy introductions and sustainability index are also taken under account. The fresh and dynamic interior corresponds wonderfully with the innovative architectural shell: industrially shaped staircases on either end provide communication between all sections of the house, clever solutions like lifted floors for wood storage or built-in benches make the functionality of the home closely entwined with its stylistics. Cute furniture pieces go along very well with the smooth surfers and the sunny premises of the house.  Unostentatious and welcoming, modern and fresh, innovative and well a bit unusual – the Zilvar house may have many faces but is sure that all of them will be fun to inhabit and enjoy.   Photographs: Petra Hajska