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Bass Street Residence


How to achieve a contemporary outlook and memorable presence when using classic materials and simple lines? The architects of B.E Architecture answer this question with easy grace and clever approach towards the fusion of natural surrounding and natural material palette.  Dark cubical volumes clad in timber composed in a series of subtly angled walls in opposing directions, so the final result gives a sense of slight tension and hidden dynamics. The glass walls and angled windows additionally personalize the facade living no doubt that this project has to offer a rich and esthetic experience.





The architects had made a special effort to preserve and incorporate into the project the trees that grew around the property. Their majestic presence acknowledged, integrated and underlined by the usage of timber throughout the house gives the project roots and strong natural emanation.  Also, the love of the owner for gardening defines the stylish and beautiful gardens and water premises that surround the home. This graceful combination of contemporary ascetic architecture and detailed Asian style gardens and rich natural plant life creates a character of sophisticated beauty and charm. The interior solutions are restrained, elegant and simple. The grayish color tonality of the interior reflects not only the natural color of the timber cladding but also emanates one very sophisticated and welcoming sensation of an interspace that reflects its natural surroundings.