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Exotic Luxury Naman Villa in Vietnam


We haven’t presented to you exotic luxury projects in a while – so to take a peek of a tropical paradise on the edge of the autumn is not bad, isn’t it?




This villa is a creation of MIA Design Studio and is one of 40 luxury properties located near the famous Non Nuoc Beach in Da Nang, Vietnam. The elegant architecture with its vast open spaces and clear, even simple lines is initially predispose to full connection with the tropical surrounding and the beautiful climate and views. Focusing on the idea of cohesive existence, maintaining every family’s privacy and still integrating the beach, the sea and the rich plant life into the interior decor  the architects underline the luxury without putting it on display. Each villa has a multi-dimensional landscape with overflowing pools and tropical gardens that offer freshness and class to the property.







The furnishing consists of elegant combinations between soft textiles in robust modern shapes and wooden details and supplements to the furnishing that add warmth and texture to the arrangement. The color palette is based mainly on natural tones and classic white-beige-gray combinations, the fresh, natural greenery brings life and vitality to the scheme. According to the architects the high class of the project is achieved on relatively small cost and thanks to it simply open aesthetics is not hard to maintain. No doubt most impressive of the tour remains the concaved sitting area near the infinity pool that just invites you to snuggle in and enjoy. The overall design, the stylish yet minimal furnishing, and the clever architectural arrangement permits the surrounding views and beautiful nature to define the character of the premises.   Photographs: Hiroyuki Oki