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Modernistic Two Storey Bungalow


It may seam like modernistic two storey bungalow, but one peek inside and amazing transformation brings you into five level contemporary jewel with a fresh dynamic atmosphere. And no wonder, the project is designed by German architects Arnhard and Eck for their own vacation home, so love and playful spirit are much in order.




Located in Upper Bavaria the villa is designed to offer time of relaxation, comfort and connection with nature – so to better mediate this connection two cantilevered platforms on each side of the house extend the kitchen and living room premises into the open air and allow not only cross ventilation but also unobstructed connection between the interior and the surrounding of this vacation home. The facade of the house, resembling traditional Alpine building with its pitched roof and overhanging eaves, tall chimney, timber cladding and overall austereness of expression conceals one dynamically modern and sophisticated interior design.









The stylish emanation of the interior design comes from the clever combination between high-quality materials (smooth wood and robust steel are dominating the functionality of construction) and the elegance of lines and color decision. The overall grayish color palate that dominates the decor is in accordance with the natural color of the wood cladding of the facade and is stylishly accentuated by black decor elements: like the cheeky design lamps that adorn the premises or the unusual and eye-catching bathtub; and of course smoothened by the soft and inviting textures. The five levels of the house are mediated by playful platforms, wooden staircases and split the vast windows into two or more functional zones – so the overall impression is a bit like playful labyrinth or even a Mario game. These dynamics combined with the stylish design and architectural choices and unique functional decisions promises one amazing and unforgettable house character that will shelter and entertain with style.