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Minimal but Surprising Object – Unbalance by Alessandro Zambelli


Unbalance is more than a candlestick; it is alchemy, a minimal but surprising object. Unbalance is a game in which the parts swap roles, and nothing is as it seems. A composition of burnished iron and coloured and borosilicate glass, the new project by Alessandro Zambelli is one of a limited edition of objects devised by members of Padiglione Italia (a designers’ collective formed in 2012 to map out the specific features of Italian design). Unbalance is an exclusive for Secondome Design Gallery in Rome.




Coinciding with the London Design Festival 2015 – as part of Twisting Tradition, an exhibition on display from 19th to 30th September inside the iconic design shop Mint – Alessandro Zambelli showcases Unbalance, a perfect mechanism which draws inspiration from Calder’s kinetic sculptures.