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Leo Burnett HQ – One Truly Modern Urban Workspace


This innovative office design is intended to support highly dynamic working culture, occupies two floors of Hong Kong’s tower and hosts a wide range of design elements and art constructs. The designer Bean Buro had entwined creatively contextual narratives from the local hipster culture and hints of a vibrant urban lifestyle inherent for today’s’ dynamic megapolis. In general the overall design of the premises is creating open spaces and aims to encourage the interaction between staff and to increase creative thinking and collaboration, but it also includes semi-private discussion areas, private meeting rooms, and enclosed offices.





This dynamics and duality of the space arrangement is transfused at the design choices and overall interior: the color palette for example – the main base is dominated by the warm latte-beige tonalities but it is framed by robust black metal and dark grayish additions. The hidden lights of some of the furniture juxtapose their caramel expression to the cold neon lighting of the ceilings. Exposed piping and wooden benches coexist naturally as well as glass cubicles equipped with magnificent conference tables uniquely designed with CNC techniques using layers of plywood and Corian. Combining practicality with artistic dash throughout the workspace, designated walls are coated with writable paint for spontaneous meeting discussions, wood wool and cork wall panels were used as acoustic absorption and of course many signature elements that define the space are introduced into the design.




Some of those artistic choices are designers’ decisions like the cool graffiti, the charming arrangement of different chairs in the dining zone or the industrial factory themed sliding door that greets upon entering. Other art choices are inspired by the special personality of the firm that inhabits the office and its policies’- like the widely recognized company symbol, the pencil, which installation plays on the company philosophy, “big ideas come from big pencils” or the company logo on one side of the reception and the company’s symbolic pair of glasses, worn by Leo Burnett himself, on the other. So at the end the designers achieved a space that has a strong personality but also is sensitive to the company and workers’ needs – one truly modern urban workspace.