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Axo Light Partner of The Within Light – Inside Glass Exhibition


Light as opposed to darkness and as a source of consciousness. Glass as a light-like material, that can shape it with reflections and refractions. A medium that places visible and invisible in contact highlighting the light and elevating it to art. Promoted by Vicarte (“VICARTE – Vidro e Cerâmica para as Artes”) and curated by Francesca Giubilei, the exhibition presents the works of 15 international artists who explore the mutual influences between light and glass.


Using multiple types and technologies of light and glass and various applied arts, the artists Teresa Almeida, Mika Aoki, Enrico Tommaso De Paris, Armanda Duarte, Veronica Green, Alan Jaras, Anna-Lea Kopperi, Richard Meitner, Éric Michel, Diogo Navarro, Fernando Quintas, Silvano Rubino, Elisabeth Scherffig, Cesare Toffolo and Robert Wiley will bring the spaces of Galeria Millennium to life with interesting experiments.


The collaboration between Axo Light, Vicarte and the artist Richard Meitner developed over the course of these two exhibitions. Art and design join forces in a special project in which the artist developed seven prototypes of luminous sculptures, bringing together the technologies and processes connected to the industrial design of Axo Light and the experience and research of Vicarte in the use and processing of glass. As is often the case, art and design are mutually influenced and, as if by magic, they come together in an enchanted space that Axo Light aims to build and develop.


Vicarte (Lisbon) is the glass and ceramic research unit applied to the arts, established in partnership with the Faculties of Technological Sciences and Fine Arts at the University of Lisbon. The research carried out at Vicarte creates a link between present and past, the development of new possibilities for glass, ceramic and contemporary art. Here the traditional practices of glass production and processing are developed, as are the new theoretical and practical approaches for the application of the development of materials for artistic production.


Lisbon, Galeria Millennium, from September 16. 2015 to January 9. 2016 Inauguration September 15. 2015, at 6.30 pm


In occasion of the International year of Light, proclaimed by UNESCO for 2015, Axo Light is a partner of the “Within Light / Inside Glass” exhibition.


The first leg of the exhibition was held in Venice, Palazzo Loredan, from February 8 to April 19, in collaboration with the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti. Now the exhibition and the evolution of the works of art will be displayed in Lisbon from September 16. 2015 to January 9. 2016.