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Floor Communicates with Walls at Cora Parquet New Collection


Natural wooden cladding for floor and walls made of pre-finishes boards to create tailor-made surfaces, in one color or many color tones combinations. A wide range of wood species and colors available, signed by Massimo Broglio, the collection ContinuumFloor, offering a strong customization to architects and designers.



Thanks to ContinuumFloor the flooring communicates with walls and offers a wide range of wood species, colors, and types of laying to architects and designers who want to overlay doors, niches, and closets. It can be manufactured with any parquet flooring that the Corà Parquet offers.



ContinuumFloor is a new concept of a product, created by the sophisticated combination of design, wood crafting, and knowledge. The product is supplied as pre-finished boards of assorted dimensions, ready to lay, creating tailor-made surfaces for wall and flooring, in one color or combination with many different color tones. The wall elements on the long side are equipped with a rectangular protruding board that can be installed vertically or differently as to play with light and shadow and, therefore, creating charming shades. Wide and fascinating are the color palette and wood types available as shown in the Corà Parquet catalog.