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Interior Design Trends for 2016


Although the new 2016 is approaching rapidly the designer’s trends and specific stylistic of this year are so distinctive and with such richness of expressions, that no matter how many articles about the  trends we research and publish there always will be something more to be said. And keep in mind – a lot of this style flows will transfuse into the next year’s trends.


Amongst the many inspired changes inside and outside the houses that come this season some are very distinctive – first the strong vital, even playful colors make a huge come back, second the emphasis on environment and nature in unusual spaces – like the bathroom or kitchens – comes in addition to the strong presence of gardens and parks. But the innovations go far beyond. In the richness of the accessories, in the functionality and minimalistic of space arrangement and none the less in the nobility and glamor of the materials used – just a few hints – copper, brass and marble. But let’s take deeper and more detailed look into this trends development.


Colors and Materials


The color palette for this year is filled with shades of pink, red “meat” and peach. The designers do not hesitate to bet on colors that mark the new trends.  The famous ‘pink mouth’ of makeup, without the gloss, invades the decor – the advantage of such colors is the possibility of being used in any room of the house in multiple combinations.


Accessories and objects will be marked and singled out by shades of green oil, navy, and deep blue – they convey calm and coolness into the premises. Like for example in the color composition project of Guilherme Torres Architects. The deep moody colors like black and purple (as we have mentioned in previous articles) are very cleverly combined with the shining surfaces of copper and brass defiles.


In this line of thought, a strong trend for 2016 is the visibility of materials such as brass, copper, wood and marble compounds in the design projects. The multiple usages of the glamorous copper and brass, their plasticity, and friendly characteristic make a rich field for art exploitation.


The decor projects for this year are filled with natural materials – for example as coatings cork and marble are coming back strongly, wood, stone, and raw concrete are also here with their timeless presence. Check out this beautiful “river and stream” inspired furniture of designer Enzo Berti. This exploration of what nature has to offer and its entwining in the house construct is a strong trend visible also in the wide usage of plant life and garden elements into the interior decor – a tendency we will examine further on.


The Arrangement of Space and Functionalism of Accessories


Another major change in the look of the houses is the presence of functional decorative objects.  Soon there will be no room for useless items. It will become increasingly important to acquire objects that can be processed according to the time and space of the person’s life.


The minimalistic and clever usage and arrangement of spaces is also extremely important for the today dynamic lifestyle: The kitchen, for example, can be completely hidden to open additional space for entertainment or to pop-out present when needed.  Nowadays we are moving towards a minimalistic model, whose quiet aesthetic allows us to escape the rush of the city. Playing with optical illusion in environments such as kitchen and bathroom, using wallpapers or green walls – everything is allowed to gain space and add charm.


The Taiwanese architects from Ganna Design Studio, for example, are great in functionalizing space and cleverly hiding the unnecessary.


The big change, however, is in the home environment that has gained an air of spa: the bathroom. It tends to turn into a relaxation area. Will be common to have benches and seats inside the bathrooms  because – if you think about it – a lot of people see the bathroom as an intimate and functional setting –  the truth is that we listen to music, read and relax in it.


So way not to turn it into a beautiful and welcoming garden? Ukrainian designer Olga Akulova has some very good hits in this sphere.


Nature and Lush Green Presence


The abundance of lush vegetation is definitely a trend but not only in bathrooms – in the focus of designers is the increased introduction of green plants and environmentally-friendly residences altogether. Urban gardens in the areas outside of the buildings and even inside of the living premises are strong presence lately. This is happening because in the focus of architects and designers is the welfare of the residents and the healthiest and most naturally suited house arrangement. Bring nature closer to the residents is not only beautiful, calming and enriching the spiritual life of the inhabitants experience but is also a practical solution to some problems.


Helping the natural house ventilation, humid control, and fresh air provides the natural plant life, green walls or simply lush pots decoration can bee also a lot of fun. Cultivating a vegetable garden, for example, is not only a great source of herbs, spices, and food ingredients but also a great learning experience for adults and children alike. And of course, the aesthetic and artistic value of a well-arranged garden is well known to humanity from the dawn of age. Some great examples of this entwining between architecture, design and gardening can be found in the works of  O’Neill Rose Architects or Singapore design studio Park + Associates.


So in conclusion we may say that all these changes and trends in the interior design bring us closer to one more sophisticated, warmer and well-balanced place to inhabit where the colors (Gold and Pink, Orchid and Marsala) are playful, easygoing and artistic. Where the materials are noble and natural, the space arrangement and details are functional and minimalistic and of course the strong presence of plant life and green innovations bring our home closer to Nature in artistic and thoughtful way.