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Greja Glass House by Park + Associates


How would you like to live in a glass house – and we mean it literally? Well, thanks to unconventional architecture and clever design this Singapore project of airy and fragile construct ensures not only the privacy to its inhabitants but also increases the domestic interactions. Boundless communication of the open float spaces, infinite illusion thanks to the transparent walls that connect the interior with the surrounding lush vegetation, abundance of filtered sunlight and cleverly accomplished ventilation and privacy are just some of the key characteristics of this architectural project of Park + Associates.



The interior is not less intriguing than the external construct: the vast spaces, the unexpected voids, the precious materials composing the decor – everything speaks not only luxury but the impeccable design also.  Wooden cladding in a continuous float that inner-connects two functional zones transfuse into an elegant spiral staircase that becomes the central focal point of the living areas. The matrix of a white translucent box that is the characteristic architectural expression of the house ensures not only the spaciousness of the interior but also provides an excellent view and sunlight abundance.





This open scene is supplemented by lush green walls, living trees and plants introduced into specially designed glass voids, natural material palette (stone, marble, wood, leather) and restrained color palate ( mainly black and white with accents of vital green and caramel wood). This composition speaks of stylish luxury, contemporary approach towards furnishing and characteristic usage of materials. The fusion between green wall, stylish wood cladding and furniture, and elegant glass in a dominion of white is always a winning combination.