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Colorful and Cozy Apartment in Turin


Colorful and cozy, cheerfully uniting retro and modern elements and hosting three generations under its roof – this apartment, build in early 19tis in Turin, Italy is renovated and rearranged by Andrea Marcante (the founder of Italian office UdA Architetti) and Adelaide Testa.




The architectural expression and richness of design elements that are offering intriguing and unexpected colorful decisions at every corner of the apartment are – according to the architects – a reference to Alfred Hitchcock’s impression of Turin “… something unexpected might suddenly happen on any of its street corners …” So don’t be surprised if you are!




The precision of rationalist architecture and metaphysical paintings from the early 19-tis (the time of the original building of the apartment) are the other source of inspiration for the artistic decor. Rich, unusual textures cover ceilings, walls, floors and even furniture – wooden parquet (a classic choice) alternates with plaster truss at the entrance hole, elegant metal frames hold glass shelving that sustains valuable objects, or the same thin metal frame decided in red defines the dynamic of the bedroom composition. And so on and so on – from the two colored carpet, to the designers choice of lighting solutions throughout the apartment, the premises have their one unique artistic expression that invite us to spend time observing and enjoying the rich twists of the imagination. And all of it aiming to cozy, comfortable living that hosts the inhabitants offering them privacy and communal interactions at the same time. In a way the apartment resembles a stage where the play is remix of conventional systems, design inventions, retro elements and contemporary features ranging from the color scheme (pastel and fluorescent shades) to designer furniture (by the likes of Prouvé, Sarfatti, Mendini and Tom Dixon) and design objects that emanate not only artistry but  a homey comfort as well.