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So Cheery and Fresh Tyche Apartment


So cheery and fresh – like a favorite ice-cream on a hot summer day! And that is what it is – a holiday home in beautiful Barcelona. Can it be something else than cheerful and artistically bohemian?



The project is a result of renovation – collaboration work between CaSA and Architect Margherita Serboli. It is located in Spain but is destined to become a holiday apartment for an Italian family this makes it with a heart of unexpected mixtures and adventurous combinations. The fusion and the balanced mixture of opposites becomes a theme for the whole design of the space – reviling and underlining some of the old, original features of the place (like the exposed wooden beams of the ceiling, or the original framework of the windows) and adding new original space and light arrangements the architects created one cozy, interesting and dynamic vacation time refuge.  The early 1900 detailing of the building is underlined through a design that uses a contemporary language.






Spacious and full with light is the result of the architectural renovation, the warm and cheerful pastel colors of the design, and the vintage pieces of furniture add to the best features of the space arrangement. An antique beveled mirror and old radio record-player furniture add the human “lived-in” touch to the contemporary furniture arrangement, dissolving it in a warmer atmosphere. Also, the hydraulic tile being a typical element of this kind of early twentieth-century dwelling enriches the atmosphere with a romantic dash but thanks to its color with a whimsical twist too. Artistic defines alternate with the white simplicity of the functional  fixtures, vital colors like pink and green are softened by the gray palette addition and the natural wood dominion, paintings by  renown artists ( like Piero Serboli) dominate the living space, offering a Mediterranean and colorful spirit to the romance of the double-height doors leading to the inner court of the apartment.  Photographs: Roberto Ruiz