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The Garden According to Kreoo


Kreoo garden colours up in thousands of marble shades, in its many catalogue choices. Options that fit any request and satisfy any taste, always with a common factor: the unique elegance of the brand. Intriguing seating systems for outdoor, with smart combinations of marble and wood or marble and metal, often inspired by the shape and movement of nature. Design evokes natural shapes and shows what instinctively surrounds us. In order of appearance in the catalogue, here following the elegant selection in wood and marble for gardens.


Pavè Stone – just like pebbles: Design Enzo Berti
Natural geometries take form into the sculptural elaboration of the organic shape of river rocks, polished by water flow. Pavé Stone is a seating system created on an elegant juxtaposition of a marble base and a wood seat, hooked together with a pin that, allows perfect mobility. The base is in marble and the seat in heat-treated brushed ash. This wood is treated with very high temperatures, and then it gets resistant to atmospheric agents, guaranteeing an excellent reliability and durability.
The system comes also as a Pavè Log (bench) and Pavè Drink (table).



Oasi – Exotic tropical atolls : Design Enzo Berti
The aerial view of OASI collection evokes images of the tropical atolls, the coral islands of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. While available individually, OASI is best used as a group seating system to represent the trailing pattern of the islands. OASI features a layered marble base and a seat in heat-treated ash. It is perfect for waiting areas, both inside and outside.



Grove Elegant mangroves: Design Enzo Berti
Exotic, original, mysterious. Grove is a modular marble bench characterized and sustained by Iroko wood spilling that remind lush mangrove roots that emerge from the earth as pedestals. It is ideal for contract and outdoor; its modularity allows the composition of different shapes and its use in small and big areas.



Moon – The phases of the moon: Design Enzo Berti
Intriguing, empathic, mysterious as the moon: Moon is a flexible system made by stool and table in marble and wood. The shape evokes moon phases. Single  or  in-group,  it  is  surely  an unconventional  and  refined  design  choice,  but  also  extremely  practical  for  an  additional  guest  or  a comfortable support.



River & Stream – whimsical and sculptural seating: Design Enzo Berti

Smooth, sleek, sculptural. The  new  seating  River  and  Stream  are  comprised  of marble seats set on natural wood bases and offer two unique designs. The first is streamlined and stretched with an extremely elegant effect; the second a simple drop  shape,  perfectly  rounded  and  graceful.

The contrast between the marble’s intensity and the wood’s playful air provide a graceful and fluid aesthetic. The two new models are independent, but have been designed to integrate one with the other. Rivers’ elongated design compliments Stream’s rounded corners, working together to create a natural modular system with many seats.

Ideal for contract and home.