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Villa Le Trident Renovation by 4a Architekten


Freshness, stylish elegance and historical charm combined in this Villa Le Trident, the project of which is a heritage-protected villa on the Côte d’Azur by Modernist architect Barry Dierks, it gets a contemporary renovation by 4a Architekten. The interesting history of the house is elegantly entwined with the contemporary simplicity of the functional elements. So understandably the architects focused on preserving Barry Dierks architectural legacy while giving the aging villa a modern ambience and elegant luxury.





There is strong connection between this graceful house and its surrounding- magnificent views towards the sea, exotic rocks and gardens, o so inviting pool surrounded by wooden deck; -all this natural beauty is underlined and payed tribute to by some of the designers’ decisions and solutions. A vast open space full with natural light invites the fresh, cheerful aroma of the see into the daily life of the inhabitants. The combination; pure and fresh white,  warm wood and eye-catching contemporary details- like the suspended fireplace or the fragile lamps or the alternation of metal and glass – this mixture becomes a winning combination that carries welcoming spirit and fresh aroma.





Preserving some of the most typical and artistic features from the original design, the architects introduced somewhat exotic Mediterranean spirit. The wooden ornaments, original doors and terraces, combined with the pure white external architecture and curved arches create one bright and tranquil atmosphere that surrounds the villa.   Photographs by Uwe Ditz, Stuttgart