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Airy Residence in Bratislava by Tolicci Design Studio


Tomas Belica by Tolicci Design Studio has created a light, airy and trendy interior of a family residence in Bratislava.



A project of this family residence in Bratislava has enabled by it´s complexity to express creativity and style of our studio as widely as possible. The living room with kitchen and dining room carries the elements of elegance with a sufficient degree of necessary punch and Italian elegance. Used materials and the colorfulness of the interior acts naturally while by changing colorful accessories (contrasts) space can maintain a modern contemporary design. The aim of the project was to create a unique space with contrasting features in the spirit of the Italian design, as we like to do.


The colorful and material connection of individual rooms, situated on the first floor, was one of the most important things that we wanted to apply in this project. The lobby area is directly linked to the living room with kitchen and dining room and is also supported by the same tiles used on the floor, which fluently passes into the used wooden floor.


The stand-alone guest apartment is bearing features and color combinations of the remaining interior of the house. Design connected like this contains elements of modern style, which combines functionality with a sense of comfort and warmth that are supported by the chosen colors and used wooden decor.
Staircase, as a connecting element between the lower and upper floor, with its design and material simplicity forms a harmonious interconnection in the interior.



Personal Zone of the homeowners consists of two student rooms, baby bathroom and a separate parental suite with walk-in closet and an open bathroom. Student rooms with their contrasting color concept act in a balanced and harmonious way. Thus, our effort to create identical spaces, despite the different layouts, was successful. The chosen colors reflect the clients ideas and in the refined form we applied them on a light wooden floor in the children’s room. The aim was to create a timeless design of children’s rooms in a way so that these rooms could be habitable without major changes throughout the development and growth of its users – children of the property owners.







The separated parental suite is the crown of this project. It is a combination of refined elegance and comfort, reflecting overall harmonious interior in which the owners will find their perfect space for relaxing. We have tried to create their private space in this large, open and interconnected residence. Using a fine combination of colors has a calming effect and gives the owner peace and relaxation after a long working day. The central element in the  suite´s bathroom, which is optically isolated from the rest of the room by only a glass wall or curtain, is a free-standing bathtub – it is the jewel of the whole area.





The space of the whole family residence acts harmonizing and cozy but carries in itself the elements of gentility that are reflected in the actual furnishing features mainly from high-end Italian designer brands. The entire residence, designed by one design studio, becomes a connected, tuned and harmonizing real estate. A impartial visitor immediately observes that this area was designed by a group of designers, because everything is designer, material and color linked, which was the main intention of the client itself as well as us as designers.